Monday, March 12, 2018


                 VA Health Data To Transfer Easier Than DoD's To New EHR System
                Commemorating Women's History Month
                Restore Your VA Benefits
                Navy Sends 40 to Compete in Warrior Games
                Get $300k VGLI Alternatives from Just $21 a Month
                Recent Education Benefit Changes Explained
                Navy Targeted Reentry Program
                March Is Traumatic Brain Injury Month
                VA Displays Women's Athlete Exhibit
                AFPC Changes Officer Assignment System
                State Veteran’s Benefits
                Over 1,500 Selected for Promotion to SMSgt
                Help for Gulf War Veterans
                Careers For Veterans At PepsiCo
                AF Creates Information Ops School
               Navy Advanced Education Voucher
                Annual Women in the Services Report
                The Legion's Veteranpreneur Contest
                Navy Honors Women Who Fight
                Upcoming American Legion Outreach Events
                Legion and Other Veteran Job Fairs in March
                National Resource Directory for Veterans
                Navy Olmsted Scholar Program
                   Headline Military News

VA Health Data To Transfer Easier Than DoD's To New EHR System Will the long-promised integration of DoD & VA's health record be coming in the near future?Read More
Commemorating Women's History Month Every March marks women's history month by recognizing the contributions made by women in the military. Read More
Restore Your VA Benefits The Colmery Act (also known as the Forever GI Bill) includes significant education benefit changes that may affect you. Read More
Navy Sends 40 to Compete in Warrior Games Forty Navy athletes will compete in this year's DoD Warrior Games, which are scheduled to take place June 2-9.Read More
Get $300k VGLI Alternatives from Just $21 a Month Get coverage customized to your family's needs. Because tomorrow is never guaranteed, start protecting your family today. Read More
Recent Education Benefit Changes Explained The VA recently hosted the #ExploreVA Facebook Live event on VA education benefit changes. Read More
Veteran Employer of the Week: DynCorp International DynCorp International offers opportunities and challenging assignments. Read More
Reduce Your Out of Pocket & Rx Costs with a TRICARE Supplement Get a Tricare supplement that pays your cost shares and can pay 100% of covered excess charges. Read More
Navy Targeted Reentry Program The U.S. Navy has announced its new program and guidelines to expedite reentry into the Navy. Read More
The VA Loan Benefit Increased to up to $453k Financing: Use Your Benefit Now2018 is here and the VA loan limits have increased again. Now is the time to use this great benefit .Read More
March Is Traumatic Brain Injury Month This month is devoted to getting those who suffer from TBI the help they need. Read More
VA Displays Women's Athlete Exhibit During March, ten VA medical centers around the country will display an exhibit featuring 10 women Veteran athletes. Read More
AFPC Changes Officer Assignment System The Air Force’s Personnel Center (AFPC) is transitioning the Air Force Officer Assignment System from three to two cycles. Read More
Over 1,500 Selected for Promotion to SMSgtThe U.S. Air Force has selected 1,549 master sergeants for promotion to senior master sergeant. Read More
Help for Gulf War Veterans The VA’s Gulf War Registry alerts Veterans to possible long-term health problems that may be related to environmental exposures during their military service. Read More
VA Launches Telehealth Program for Rural Vets with PTSD The VA has launched a pilot program that will offer telehealth treatment to rural veterans suffering from PTSD. Read More
AF Creates Information Ops School The U.S. Air Force has announced the creation of a new Information Operations technical training school. Read More
Navy Advanced Education Voucher The U.S. Navy is calling for applications for the FY-19 Advanced Education Voucher (AEV) program. Read More
5 Interesting Findings from a 2018 Military Family Report A recent report from a major military support organization highlights a few surprises about our military and veteran community. Read More
Annual Women in the Services Report A committee has released its 2017 annual report on matters relating to women serving in the Armed Forces. Read More
The Legion's Veteranpreneur Contest The American Legion Family is announcing a Veteranpreneur Contest as part of its 2018 National Poppy Day activities. Read More
Navy Honors Women Who Fight The Navy joins the nation in celebrating Women's History Month throughout the month of March 2018.Read More
Upcoming American Legion Outreach Events The American Legion national staff is offering district revitalization and membership outreach efforts in California and Washington State. Read More
Legion and Other Veteran Job Fairs in March brings a full slate of career events for veterans, service members and military spouses. Read More
National Resource Directory for Veterans The National Resource Directory is one of the largest online collections of resources for Veterans. Read More
Navy Olmsted Scholar Program U.S. Navy officers interested in developing language skills are encouraged to apply for the Olmsted Scholar Program. Read More