Thursday, May 10, 2018

Perhaps a small donation from Henderson Vet Groups might be a good thing for morale.


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This is from the unit that we are going to help.


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Subject: Care packages

Here is the information for my soliders in need of care packages. If anyone has any questions please let me know. Thanks 

Christina Dorsey 

Please pass this contact information along for those who can provide care packages to our Team deployed in the most forward places in the Middle East. Not Iraq, Kuwait or Afghanistan.
They do not have the PX and the luxury's most of us spoiled Soldiers had in Iraq. They have nothing other than the mission and the environment to keep them going. As Chaplains they have a mission to provide moral boosters to the Marines and Soldiers they are supporting. So it's not just the two of them we should think about.
Let's try and work on some major care packages leading up to Christmas due to the delay in shipping and how remote they are in the region. 
  Now that we have a home for the next few months, here is our contact information. Up until we got here, there were only Chaplains that visited and none that stayed for very long.

Has 300-350 people average.
Mailing address:
   Pappe, Cliff MAJ
   APO, AE 09314

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