Remember how the first computers started out all big and clumsy? Look at the technology we have now.

Well, the beginning of my selection as your Commander started out pretty rocky, too. Two weeks after my installation, I had lung cancer surgery with subsequent rehabilitation for three months. Shortly after our trip to the Department Convention, where four of us escaped from a near tragic accident, my Adjutant and Chaplain resigned.
I am very pleased to announce the selection of my new Chaplain, Tony Mascari. He will continue to be available for those duties as needed. As of this writing, I don’t have a replacement Adjutant yet. I am still seeking applicants who have the desire to meet the challenge of Adjutant duties. I am hopeful, now that the National Convention is over, we will resume the smooth sailing we have enjoyed in the past under the leadership of Joel Forman, Immediate Past Commander.

I am also excited to have a Social Media Committee in place to take us into the 21st century in the area of information and communication. All Post, District, State and National business will be accessible via the internet in addition to the regular paper Post Newsletter. I am looking forward to learning how to use my I-Phone and computer to access all the information. I am hopeful that many of you also will start using this new form of technology.

On the lighter side, We have earned first place in membership success for the 2017 year. Joel Forman was selected as the new 1st Vice Commander for the Department of Nevada. Steve Daugherty, our current 2nd Vice Commander of the Post, was selected “Adjutant of the Year” for Nevada for the second consecutive year — a very rare event. Congratulations, Steve.
I want to personally invite each and every member to attend at least one meeting this year to see what we are really doing and how you may jump in to help us out with our activities. It seems that each meeting, someone will come up and say I have been a member of the Post for ___years and this is my first meeting. I invite all of you out there to follow their lead. COME AND CHECK US OUT.Michael Percival

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